What to do in August in Umbria and Tuscany


From August 4 to 20, August Montefalchese returns, the event that will animate the summer nights of the railing of Umbria for a month.

The 2022 edition is confirmed as full of events related to local history and traditions with music, performances and historical re-enactments in the streets and squares of the charming city of Montefalco.

There will also be the Taverns, decorated with the colors and signs of each of the districts, will come alive in the most evocative places of the city between fifteenth-century cloisters and panoramic terraces to taste the ancient smells and flavors of local gastronomy, savor the fragrance of the prestigious wines of Montefalco.

MUSIC FEST – PERUGIA – 22th July – 17th August

From 22 July to 17 August 2022, the largest music festival for young musicians in Italy returns to Perugia with a program of 50 appointments in two sessions, together with 40 established musicians and conductors from the international panorama of classical music, in dresses as masters and artists, flanked by 150 students who will come from different countries of the world: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Korea, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Israel, United States and Switzerland.

Young student musicians will have the opportunity to perform together with very high quality symphony orchestras, Virtuosi Brunensis and Europa Music, conducted by Marius Stravinsky.

PALIO DEI TERZIERI – CITTA’ DELLA PIEVE – 10th August – 21th August

Twelve days of appointments and engaging experiences in a typically Renaissance atmosphere. “After the terrible two-year stop due to the pandemic – it was said during the presentation – the third parties are ready to restart with enthusiasm and determination. This will be the edition of the restart and awakening of a community “. Confirm the dates of the two key appointments. On 15 August the evocative “Launch of the Challenge” will take place in which the representatives of the three Terzieri will compete against the municipal authorities, rekindling the ancient dispute. Terziere Castello will deliver the “Pallium” won in 2019 – the last year in which, due to a health emergency, it was possible to play it – in the hands of the Podestà, who will be its guardian until the announcement of the winner in the hunting archery competition del Toro of 21 August.

Find the full program here: https://www.paliodeiterzieri.it/eventi/

GIOSTRA DEL SARACINO – Arezzo – 16th July – 28th August

It is a chivalrous game that has its roots in the Middle Ages and represents the evolution of a military training exercise which, simulating the war clash, saw a knight armed with a spear facing an automaton with the likeness of the enemy.

all this beautiful atmosphere takes place in the gorgeous city of Arezzo (Tuscany) , don’t miss it!

Find the whole program here: https://giostradelsaracinoarezzo.it/anno-giostresco/


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Calici di Stelle and Vinarelli, on the other hand, give an appointment in Torgiano, among typical dishes of the territory, the wines of the Strada del Cantico, music, art and lots of fun. Finally, the City of Wine of Monteleone d’Orvieto also celebrates the night of San Lorenzo with tastings, observations of the sky and entertainment in the square.