What to do in September in Umbria 

Festa della cipolla di Cannara, from the 30th August to 4th September, from 6th to 11th September

As every year, the historic center of the village is destined to become a real open-air restaurant with six food stands scattered in the squares and then musical, theatrical and dance performances, art exhibitions and markets every day of celebration.

GIOSTRA DELLA QUINTANA, FOLIGNO: From September the 2nd to 18th September

The Giostra della Quintana is a knightly tournament and a historical event in costume that takes place in Foligno.

Giostra della Quintana of Foligno is a unique and exciting adventure. The “Campo de li Games” awaits us, it will be a once again exciting race, to the heartbeat. And as always, it will make us rejoice.

You can find the whole program here: https://www.quintana.it/programma-jpg/

Pan Opera Festival, Panicale – 3th, 4th-16th,17th,18th September

The Pan Opera Festival in Panicale, PG, for the second consecutive year, goes on stage in its entirety, with a high-class and international program despite the restrictions due to the pandemic.
The peculiarity of these events is the performance of music by authors from all over the world, it includes operas, opera gala, concerts and mass in music. This ambitious proposal is directed by the Artistic Director Virgilio Bianconi, thanks to a constructive impulse coming from many subjects, especially foreign residents or passing through who love Italy, Umbria and Panicale and in particular artistic productions. In residency that the TéathronMusikè association has been realizing for almost 10 years.

Festa dell’uva, Panicale – 9th,10th,11th September

In the historical centre of Panicale (PG) just 3km from our village Paciano, a funny experience for all the family: suggestive food and wine tour accompanied by live music!

FILI IN TRAMA- International exhibition of embroidery, Panicale, 16th,17th,18th September

The village of Panicale (just 3 km from Paciano) will host exhibitions of weaving works and the ancient art of embroidery.


Explore the taste of authentic Italian Craft Beer.
Go and discover the craft breweries present at the Umbrian festival of Italian craft agricultural breweries, at the Mastri Birrai Umbri brewery in Gualdo Cattaneo, Perugia

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