What to do in Umbria and Tuscany in June


Orvieto in Fiore 2022: From 3th to 5th June

There are many appointments this year: workshops, markets of local products, music, tournaments, ending on Sunday 5 June with the celebration of Pentecost: fifty days after Easter, the symbolic flight of a dove over the beautiful Piazza del Duomo in Orvieto , recalls the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Virgin and the Apostles.

A unique moment that is celebrated to carry on the typically Orvieto tradition of the Palombella Festival, making the city even more beautiful in the period of spring events and honoring a centuries-old history.


Il Mercato delle Gaite 2022 in Bevagna – From 15th to 26th June

A medieval re-enactment, considered the most important in the European panorama, which transports Bevagna to an ancient era.

The event, which has been active for over thirty years, is held in the last ten days of June, experiencing its most significant moment in the days of the Market, this year from 15 to 26 June.

The four historic districts of the city, called ” guaite or gaite ”, compete in competitions of crafts, gastronomy and the medieval market, offering the public the opportunity to immerse themselves in a great collective tale.

The streets of the city are filled with stalls and come alive with the noise of the shops where the visitor can find fabrics, objects in leather, wicker, ropes, paper, wrought iron, copper, handmade candles and more cheese, fish, freshly baked bread and focaccia.


Infiorata (Flower Display) San Luigi Gonzaga in Città della Pieve – From 16th to 26th June


21st June: Dinner based on flowers. starting from 8 pm

25th June: Posa dei fiori, the flower will be displayed during the night and everything will be prepared for the Infiorata the next day

26th June: Infiorata

You will be able to eat in the Taverne which will be open on the following days: 16/17/18/19/23/24/25 June.



Giostra del Saracino – Arezzo, 18th June

The historical re-enactment of the knightly tournament is the most important event for the city which occurs twice a year, in June and September. Further details of the event – which takes place in June in the evening and in September during the day – in the website https://giostradelsaracinoarezzo.it/anno-giostresco/

SAN GIOVANNI – Florence, 24th June

June 24 is the feast of the patron saint of the city, San Giovanni, and it is a city festival (when many places close). The Calcio Storico Fiorentino, born in Florence in the 16th century, is a combination of football, rugby and world wrestling, played today in historical costumes. The 4 teams of the 4 historic districts of Florence compete against each other, playing the two semifinals on 10 and 11 June, and the final on 24 June to determine the winner.


Palio delle Torri , Chiusi, from 24th to 26th June

Battles, tournaments, banquets, artisans of yesteryear, archers, challenges between third parties (including the characteristic Tripartica, a historic football all Chiusi), a great historical procession along the alleys of the characteristic village of Chiusi – in southern Tuscany – you they will immerse you in an atmosphere of the past and will accompany you on a journey through time with exhibitions, artistic events and the famous Palio delle Torri, for an unforgettable Tuscan adventure.


Torrita Blues Festival –  Torrita di Siena, from 23rd to 25th June

Listen to the “blues”, don’t go to war

Dinner with music in the square to the rhythm of the notes of the Paletti Blues Band, L’altra Faccia Blues Band and the Bad Blues Quartet: and if a little good blues music were really enough to change the world? Having reached the milestone of 30 editions, this event offers its spectators moments of pure pleasure under the sky of Torrita.