Fontanaro Organic EVOO wins gold medal at EVO IOOC in Sicily 2021

Another important result of our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Gold medal at EVO International Olive Oil Contest® 2021 in Sicily!
It is the forth consecutive gold medal after New York, Berlin and Tokyo and the prizes of Slow Food in Italy (Snails and Presidium). This result is driven by our passion for the production of the best Italian olive oil.
Founded in 2016 from an idea by Antonio G. Lauro, the Contest, since its first edition has been inducted by World Ranking Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organization specialized in the best EVOOs promotion) among the top five international extra virgin olive oil contests and the first in Italy.
The EVO International Olive Oil Contest® aims to promote and enhance the highest quality of EVOO and Flavoured EVOO Industry. That’s why it allows access to the competition only to producers able to guarantee traceability and origin of their products.