Learn to make bread

Lia from Lia’s bakery with her association “Lo Scoiattolo”, one of the Must-do experiences in Paciano, really appreciated by all our guests, is ready for teaching and transmitting all her passion for bread to all our friends here at Il Fontanaro!

Why Lia loves bread?

In Sicily, nobody would ask “What are we having for dinner?”, but it’s normally to hear like “What are we having with bread?”

The culture of bread in Italy is really strong, it plays a primary role in our daily cooking routine, going to the “Bakery” is a ritual that is always repeated before meals.

The smell of bread opens our soul so much, as well as the stomach, that it is able to make us better people.

Lia is a German lady, who moved about 30 years ago to Paciano and what she really missed was good bread, that’s why she started her activity which has become her great passion. She defines herself simply as a “Bread lover”, and this is what makes the difference.

“Making bread is easy: you need just flour, water, salt, a fire and time. We all have these ingredients, so let’s make bread together”- Lia.