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Jane and Jim, Tulsa,

Oklahoma City, USA

Che bella! The roses, figs, rosemary, grapes, wine. Your graciousness and hospitality are surpassed only by your helpfulness and great good taste.


Eli and Ben

Oxford, England

Fontanaro is easily the most beautiful place we have stayed. Lucia and Sandro immediately made us feel welcome! They lit the fire with pine cones (WHAT A DELICIOUS SMELL!) and we quickly fet warm and cozy here. You have made our time here really special! You have made experience of everything we have seen so much richer.


Stephanie and Steve

San Diego, USA

Summer at Fontanaro a friends reunion!“Fontanaro far exceeded our expectations. It is a perfect setting. Most importantly, our hosts were the best. They opened their home and their arms to welcome us The time has gone by too quickly and we look forward to our return here.


Anthea kenna and Stephen

Cambridgeshire, England

It is hard to put into words the serenity of Fontanaro,you have to make this experience for yourself.it’s .It is almost like being in your own world with all the comforts.
As the website states ”there are few places where you can find serenity, explore medieval hill towns and historic cities, and enjoy great food and extraordinarily welcoming hosts. Fontanaro offers all and much more!”. This we endorse! And we would like to visit again and bring our friends with us to enjoy your hospitality. Thank You!


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