What to do in December in Umbria and Tuscany

Living Nativity Scene, Civita di Bagnoregio

26th December, 1st of January, from 6th January to 8th January


Come to discover the nativity scene in the ancient village of Civita di Bagnoregio, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and a candidate to become a UNESCO heritage site.
The nativity scene offers different scenes which, like in a mosaic, reconstruct the days of Jesus’ birth.
The Arab suq, the Roman castrum, Herod, the noble residences, the Bedouin tribe, the craftsmen at work, the magi, the shepherds, and of course the Nativity, a mix of colours, emotions and beauty.

Christmas Markets and Tyrolean Village, Arezzo
From 11th November to 26th December

Source: mercatinidinatale

6th edition of the splendid village in Piazza Grande in Arezzo, the largest Tyrolean market in Italy with 32 small wooden houses, and two lodges with the best beers and typical products.

Luci sul Trasimeno, Castiglione Del Lago

From 8th December to 8th January

Source: e-borghi

During Christmas time, Castiglione del Lago turns into the “Christmas village”, with over 30 days of shows, attractions and entertainment, a magical and fun atmosphere for a truly unforgettable Christmas with the biggest tree on the water.

Lyrick Theater – The Nutcracker, Santa Maria degli Angeli
Monday 26th December at 21.15


The Nutcracker the magnificent classical ballet will be performed here by the acclaimed and prestigious Russian Classical Ballet company, composed of an all-star cast of Russian ballet, with the artistic direction of Evgeniya Bespalova and Denis Karakashev.

Presepe Monumentale, Città della Pieve
From 25th December to 6th January

Source: Umbriacronaca

A suggestive journey inside the basement of the sixteenth-century Palazzo della Corgna will reveal the Monumental Crib of Città della Pieve, which combines creativity, skill craftsmanship and the centuries-old tradition of the Umbrian nativity scene.

Since 1966, the Terziere Castello has been setting up this true work of art which is divided into several scenes and is renewed every year, a figurative journey through the evocative corridors and rooms of the old cellars of the building, for a total of eight rooms and more than 500 square meters.

Along the way of the 2022 edition, the visitor will be accompanied to rediscover the hope kept in birth. That hope which is not a solution to the world’s ills, but a tool for living every day in the construction of new roads.